Sunday, October 05, 2008 Register to vote November 4

The opening page at has a message regarding the upcoming presidential election in the USA:

I urge all visitors to this site to vote in the presidential election on November 4th. If you haven't registered to vote, you better do it today:

Vote for the candidate of your choice: either the young, crisp, energetic Barack Obama, or the old, nasty, scary, paranoid guy.
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So do we dectect a slight preference for one of the candidates in Donald's message? ;)
No surprise really, but it's enough to get the comments flying on the fan boards. And there are basically three versions of those comments. Versions aired again and again, regadless of artist and political statement.

1) I don't agree with the artists view and I won't buy any of his records/buy tickts to any of his shows.

2) I agree with the artists view and am all for him voicing his political beliefs.

3) Artists should entertain us and keep the rest - including politics - to themselves.

With media being the way it is and famous peoples lives scrutinized I find it a bit surprising that voicing ones political views can still be that irritating and controversial.
And if your flavor-of-the-month male/female bimbo popstar mentions his/her political preferences in passing it's usually more easily accepted than when a "serious" famous person does it. The latter "should know better".

Can we find it understandable that a well-known person use his/hers fame as a platform to say something "serious" or should any discussions of ideas, political or otherwise, be kept private and one-on-one down at the pub or wherever you meet your friends and talk?

Does a statement from Donald carry more weight than one from, say, Pyssycat Dolls, Michael Phelps, the cast of Mamma Mia! or the old lady on the bus? It's still just an opinion and I can take it or leave it, discuss it or ignore it.

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