Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joe's Menage album here at last

What a nifty little package...
- - -
Well, if you have been listening to your favorite web radio station recently you probably understood that the long awaited Zappa CD pictured above has arrived. We got it in the mail just the other day and several tracks are already on our playlist of this week.

The sound quality is not top notch but still enjoyable. When reading the liner notes in the CD booklet we understand that they did not take the sound from the tape that Ole Lysgaard sent Gail. (A fan from Denmark received the cassette from Frank and did send it to Gail Zappa later.)
Gail merely realized that Ole's tape was a recording that Frank considered a really good one, since he had made dub of that November '75 reel tape and gave it to a fan. Then vaultermeister Joe Travers dug up that original 1/4 inch stereo reel tape from the Zappa vault and transferred it to CD.

One of the highlights of this package is Ole's story of his life as a Zappa fan. Quite touching actually! More about that later. Give us a couple of days to submit a review here.
Meanwhile, unless you have already tuned in...have a listen!

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