Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dylan lost in Sweden?

Here's a post to celebrate the release today of volume 8 of Bob Dylan's bootleg series; Tell Tale Signs. A two CD-deal of you pay around $25 and 3 CD:s thick if you cough up $150.

On the official Bob Dylan site bodylan.com there's a page where you can track all the shows he's done around the world using a spinning globe.

We had a look at the shows in our country of Sweden and found a few ... discrepancies as far as a few towns are concerned:
Stockholm, Lund and Malmö all moved a far bit further north compared to were they're placed in real life. Just watch the following maps. The final one is the correct one with Stockholm on the east coast halfway down the country and Malmö/Lund to the far south. Or "Malm" as bobdylan.com calls it.

Stockholm: Close to Norway!

Malmö: Far, far from where it should be and close to where Stockholm actually is.

Lund: In reality far south and close to Malmö.

The real deal:
Let's just hope Bob doesn't use bobdylan.com to look up his next Swedish gig. He might miss it!

(Feel free to post other map mistakes if you find them.)

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