Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kate and the rest of the women on Radio Dupree

Just heard Kate Bush playing on Radio Dupree, and once again I wondered why women have such a hard time getting the thumbs up from our listeners. As you may or may not know a listener to Radio Dupree can vote up or down, wish for or indicate an urge to buy a track playing on Radio Dupree. Alternatively ignore it and just listen.

After five years one thing is clear; a female voice will have a thougher time collecting the positive responses that a male one gets.
Right now there's three, that's 3 females in the Radio Dupree mid-November Top 50. Donna Summer, Rickie Lee Jones and Carole King. The 47 other songs are performed by male vocalists/artists.

Why? Is it because the music we play attract listeners that don't care that much for female artists? We wish we had an answer. And we wish that more of the female singers we play would get a thumbs up or another positive reaction.

Any ideas why it is the way it is?


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