Sunday, November 02, 2008

R.I.P. Jimmy Carl Black

Drummer and ex Mother Jimmy Carl Black died on October 31st. Jim suffered from cancer and had an operation a couple of months ago when he had a tumor removed from his lung.
Jim was born in Texas and in the 60's he was a member of Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention.
Later he had bands of his own and also played with The Muffin Men, The Grandmothers, Eugene Chadbourne, and even Zappa (as a guest vocalist). Jim lived in Germany the last years of his life.

On November 2nd Jim
's son Gary told the world the sad news by posting to the Muffin Men guestbook:
"This is the Indian of the Group's first born. It is with great sorrow that I must report that JCB has at last gone home to that elusive rock and roll heaven. I have always been proud of my Dad and everything he accomplished during his lifetime. He was one of the few people that truly touched my life."

I had the pleasure to meet Jim at two occasions. First time in the early 90's with The Grandmothers. He was in a great mood. Ten years later he was more tired, maybe he knew he was sick. Put on a great show with Eugene Chadbourne nonetheless.
Jim was not the virtuoso drummer like Vinnie or Terry, but he was one of the strongest personalities in The Mothers, and those albums would not have been that strong without his playing...Freak Out, Burnt Weeny Sandwich...
Rest in peace, Indian of the group.

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