Friday, November 28, 2008

Weekend music: Win The Beatles covered

How about a chance at winning two CD's + magazines by just answering one simple question by mail?

Here's the deal:
Our Album of the Month is the 40 year old White Album from The Beatles. As Album of the Month we've played songs from it all through November.
The British music magazine Mojo decided to mark the anniversary by asking mostly "youngish" and somewhat "unknownish" artists/bands to cover The White Album. One song per artist.

The final recordings was pressed on two CD's that grace the October and November issues of Mojo.
And to make things even more interesting Mojo did 30 pages on The White Album including a brand new interview with Paul McCartney.

Now, to be fair, how often do you find a cover version that beats the original of a song? But with The White Album being the veritable pick and mix of music that it is, a bunch of new versions can be a good thing. At least for the curious.

What does it sound like? Some versions are close to the original, some stray far away. Some are bad, some are great and a few are so-so. It's a mixed bag. But one you might want to check out.

Go to the Radio Dupree homepage, scroll down and read the question. Find the answer and mail it in before December 1, 2008 and you could be the winner that get both copies w/ CD's of Mojo Magazine.

Somebody has been kind enough to add a few songs from The White Album Recovered on YouTube. Feel free to check out the new versions of Glass Onion, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Wild Honey Pie and Bungalow Bill here:

(There are links to a couple more excerpts once you click the above to get to YouTube!)

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