Thursday, June 24, 2010

Builds museum to honour Tinseltown celebrity

You Frank Zappa fans out there may recognize this detail from the Tinseltown Rebellion album cover. The person on the picture is the Hollywood star Warner Oland. He used to play the detective Charlie Chan in several movies in the 1930's. Since he was born not too far away from the Radio Dupree headquarters we can't regret to tell you that he will now get his own museum in his old home village.
The news is published in Västerbottens-Kuriren and they claim that Oland had such a "cult status" that Frank Zappa put his picture on the front cover of his album Tinseltown Rebellion in 1981.

Warner Oland (Johan Värner Ölund) was born in Bjurholm in northern Sweden in 1879. The Warner Oland Academy, a group of four people, hopes to be able to have built the museum by 2014. Bjurholm already has a cinema and a road named after Oland.

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