Thursday, June 03, 2010

Radio Dupree Top 20 - June 2010

1. Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - The World Spins So Slow
The Singles

2. Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Pygmy Twylyte
Roxy & Elsewhere

3. Donna Summer - Slide Over Backwards

4. Jimi Hendrix - Lover Man
Valleys Of Neptune

5. Chicago - Rediscovery

6. Frank Zappa - Muffin Man
Philly '76

7. The Rolling Stones - Pass The Wine (Sophia Loren)
Exile On Main Street

8. Kate Bush - How To Be Invisible

9. Carly Simon - When We're Together
This Kind Of Love

10. David Bowie - Dodo (bonus track)
Diamond Dogs

11. King Crimson - Heartbeat - B'Boom
12. The Rolling Stones - I'm Not Signifying - Exile On Main Street
13. Frank Zappa - Camarillo Brillo - Philly '76
14. Reform - Happy Landing - Reformed
15. The GTO's - I'm In Love With The Ooo-ooo Man - Permanent Damage
16. Frank Zappa - Little Umbrellas (LP) - Hot Rats
17. King Crimson - VROOOM - B'Boom
18. Reform - Amanita Muscaria - Reformed
19. David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Why Don't You Love Me? (feat. Cyndi Lauper & Tori Amos) - Here Lies Love
20. The Insect Trust - Our Sister The Sun - Hoboken Saturday Night

21. Steely Dan - Slang Of Ages - Everything Must Go
21. Sarah McLachlan - Blue - A Tribute To Joni Mitchell
22. The Rolling Stones - Yesterday's Paper - Great Hits
23. Pink Floyd - Candy And A Currant Bun - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
24. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Lila's Dance - Visions Of The Emerald Beyond
25. Larry Carlton - L.A., N.Y. - Friends
26. Keith Moon - When I'm Sixty-Four - All This And World War II (various artists)
28. Human Instinct - Black Sally - Stoned Guitar
29. Frank Zappa - Heavy Duty Judy - The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
30. The Crimson Jazz Trio - Red - King Crimson Songbook Volume One
31. Magma - Liriik Necronomicus Kahnt - Attahk
32. Lars Hollmer - Nationsjazz - Sola
33. Jethro Tull - Apogee - Under Wraps
34. David Bowie - Sons Of The Silent Age - "Heroes"
35. The Beatles - Run For Your Life - Rubber Soul
36. Human Instinct - Jugg-a-Jug - Stoned Guitar
37. Hansson & Karlsson - Richard Lionheart - Monument
38. Frank Zappa - Ain't Got No Heart - Buffalo
39. The Beatles - Baby's In Black - Beatles For Sale
40. Roxy Music - Pyjamarama - '73 single B-side

Chart compiled by listeners voting
on the songs they hear on Radio Dupree

A lot of listeners votes this time around coupled with a wish to give a better picture of what's being played (and liked) on Radio Dupree made us extend the Top 20 to a Top 40.

Two newly released from-the-vaults recordings proved popular. Valleys of Neptune from Jimi Hendrix is the first of more promised unreleased goodies from the guitarist's archives and The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street was expanded with 10 tracks recorded back then but finished now to sound like the 70's and added to the original in a re-release that seem to have made both record company, band and fans happy.

One question that might be asked is what the Queen of Disco; Donna Summer, is doing at #3 on our chart? Radio Dupree is no disco channel and although we mix it up pretty good at times disco records are far and few between.
The answer here is that Donna doesn't sound like you'd expect her to do on this track from her 2008 record Crayons. The song is delivered in a hoarse, blues inspired growl and apparently of the type that listeners like.

And we can't forget the Swedish group Reform at 14 and 18. Instrumental and the words "jazz", "rock", "progressive" and even "garage" has been used in different combinations to describe the sound.

But let us not forget our number 1 this month; Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin and The World Spins So Slow.
This particular Dave has nothing to do with the Dave in popular 1980's group Eurythmics. But he's been around just as long if not longer playing with Hatfield and the North and National Health and more in the 1970's. The collaboration with Barbara Gaskin has been on since the early 1980's and we'll add some stuff from their latest (and first in 20 years) album as soon as we get it! Barbara sang backup vocals in Hatfield and the North and was 1969-1974 one of the members of the folk-prog band Spirogyra that shouldn't be confused with jazz-fusion outfit Spyro Gyra. OK? OK!

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