Saturday, June 05, 2010

Jim Hodder

Jim Hodder died June 5, 1990.

He was a drummer and one of the original members of Steely Dan. Here he is pictured on the left in this photo from the 1973 album Countdown To Ecstasy.

There's a short article on Jim from 1991 and the Metal Leg fanzine:
From the time the band was put together, Donald wanted two drummers. I was against it at first, but what the hell, we had two guitarists and two keyboard players, so why not two drummers? And my favorite band has two drummers -- Frank Zappa and the Mothers. It can work like a locomotive, especially on tunes like "Do It Again." It gives us both time to relax in different parts and we can concentrate more on the next fill.
Read the whole article online here.

He sang lead vocals on two Steely Dan songs; Dallas and Midnight Cruiser:

After leaving Steely Dan in 1974 he worked as a session musician until his death.

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