Thursday, June 24, 2010

Current favourites on Radio Dupree

With July just one week away here's what the listener's voted Top 10 among the currently spinning songs on Radio Dupree:

1. Peter Gabriel - Eindringling (Intruder) - (3) Ein Deutsches Album
2. King Crimson - Heartbeat - B'Boom
3. Frank Zappa - Heavy Duty Judy - The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
4. The Rolling Stones - Pass The Wine (Sophia Loren) - Exile On Main Street
5. Chicago - Rediscovery - VI
6. Carly Simon - When We're Together - This Kind Of Love
7. Kate Bush - How To Be Invisible - Aerial
8. Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Pygmy Twylyte - Roxy & Elsewhere
9. Donna Summer - Slide Over Backwards - Crayons
10.Robert Fripp - Breathless - Exposure

Yes, that's a song from our Album of the Month at number 1! But as the chart published early July covers all the songs played in June we expect quite a few changes in the top 10 compared to the chart above. Let's see in seven or so days!

P.S. Somebody wondered what Carly Simon's song is doing in the Top 10 and on the Radio Dupree playlist? Easy! It is Carly Simon's 2008 version of a song that originally appeared on her daughter Sally Taylor's debut album Tomboy Bride in 1998. Sally's version mixed by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker and produced by Donald Fagen. What her version sounds like? Just listen to Radio Dupree. We play Steely Dan as well as the somehow-Steely Dan-connected stuff. Like Sally's song.

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