Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Dukes of September on playing Labor Day

There are daily additions to the articles written aboyt the current Dukes of September Rhythm Revue tour Donald Fagen, Michaels McDonald and Boz Scaggs are doing.

Most tend to read the same since they were done during teleconference call(s), but here's a passage we've only read in the piece published by
But the Dukes of September have undertaken a six-week, late-summer tour that brings them to the State Fair grandstand on Labor Day.

How do they feel about playing Labor Day?

"That's great for me, because I tend to get depressed on holidays," Fagen explained. "So if I have a gig on a holiday, it saves me from having to live through it. Do they have any good rides at the fair? Like a Whip or something like that?"

How 'bout the bungee jump?

"There you go," Fagen said.

"I always like playing outdoors," McDonald said.

"Are there animal exhibits near the stage?" Scaggs asked.

Not near the grandstand, the interviewer said, but there's a birthing center and various animal barns at the fairgrounds.

"I love that stuff, like breeding," Fagen said.

"I'm there," Scaggs confirmed.

"I love playing fairs," Fagen said.

"Serenade the two-headed cow, yes!" McDonald promised.

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