Sunday, September 26, 2010

Radio Dupree also on Twitter

If you're using Twitter and drop in here now and then to check what's new on th blog, you might consider adding Radio Dupree to those your're following on Twitter. Why? Not only do we autopost a message/link whenever we update this blog, we also tweet the occasional non-blog entry on Twitter alone.

Here's where you find us on Twitter:

And these are a few of our recent Twitter-only posts:

Dan Rather Found Wandering the Desert in a Blanket looking for Walter Becker

Bruce Springsteen hijacks a NJ couple's photo shoot | Blogness on the Edge of Town

Jon Herington spotted jammin' in New Yorkl during Dukes tour break

Have you left anything for the year 2040 in the John Lennon Time Capsule?

Steve Lukather's new solo album All’s Well That Ends Well out 11th October 2010 feat Tubes' Fee Waybill on backing vocals and co-writing.

Music Week reviews Elton John & Leon Russell upcoming album The Union

Michael McDonald on the Dukes of September tour

Lennon's toilet sells for £9,500 ($14,650) in Beatles auction! Full story & pic:

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