Monday, September 06, 2010

Electric Light Orchestra member dies

Mike Edwards, who played cello in the successful band between 1972 - 1975, died three days ago in what the BBC calls a freak crash when his van was crushed by a bale of hay weighing 600 kilograms/1320 pounds.

And here is a 1974 television appearance:

We'll add some early ELO to the playlist ASAP.

(And thank you to Graeme.)

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Comment from Ricky Barros on the Birmingham Post report of the accident:

Mike's involvement with the ELO is a thing far distant in the past, but hey the media clings on to this instead of praising Mike's love for music, the fact that he was one of the brains behind Devon Baroque Orchestra, that he played the Baroque cello and viola da gamba and for quite a long time has dedicated his time playing early music.
For decades he has been an accomplished classical musician (but as we know this does not sell papers!). He was a teacher, a great performer and cultural activist, and his love for music was reflected in his loving and caring personality.

I heard of the accident moments after it happened on Friday - we were supposed to perform in a concert of Medieval music in Totnes the following day. He hasn't yet been formally identified, but arrangements have been made for this. All colleagues and early music circle (specially in Devon) are saddened with the tragic loss and will miss a great friend and inspiring performer.

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