Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweden's prime minister disliked Zappa concert

We heard the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (also head of the conservative party) on the P4 Extra show on Sveriges Radio today.
After playing his request Bobby Brown by Frank Zappa, Reinfeldt said that Zappa's show in Stockholm 1982 was a disappointment though: Zappa told the audience to "sit down!" and wiped out all the party spirit and then began noodling on his guitar.
Well, that might have been the reaction among persons who had not heard more than Bobby Brown and Joe's Garage. The slightly more qualified fans probably didn't mind FZ's sometimes harsh comments (which often were not meant to be taken seriously)...and why buy a ticket to a FZ show if you're not into his guitar playing??

Mr Reinfeldt, did you really hope to get our votes in the election on Sunday?

Photo: Emilia Öije.

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