Monday, January 03, 2011

Nas + Steely Dan (and some Zappa)

Remix. Mash-up. Two ways to describe Steelmatic. It's where two guys from the USA; Manz with some help from Mr. Fantaztix have taken rapper Nas 2001 album Stillmatic and retooled it using Steely Dan samples. It was released December 31, 2010, and although we do not pretend to know all or even enough about the legal ramifications we do suspect it might not be "official" as in cleared with the repective owners of the music.

Then again we could be wrong, as the duo's previous collaboration Hot Trax has been available at the same site since October 2009. Hot Trax features samples from Frank Zappa. And the Zappa lawyers haven't taken lightly on the use of Frank's music outside of the official recordnings.
That's also why we don't link directly to the stuff. It's out there and if you want it you know how to find it.


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