Monday, January 24, 2011

One hour Deacon Blues special starting Tuesday

With a kind soul helping us out with a copy of that rarity; The Woody Herman Band's version of Steely Dan's Deacon Blues, we're trying to help people who want to hear it know when to turn in and listen.

Usually Radio Dupree is a non-stop mixed playlist contantly updated on the fly. The rules and regulations forbid us to publish any playlist saying exactly at what time a certain artist/track can be heard.
And while we have that Deacon Blues version on heavy rotation right now you may not want to spend hours listening just to catch that once or twice (although we play some other music worth hearing, if we may say so ourselves!)

So here's a deal to make it a little bit easier to find that song. Starting Tuesday January 24 at 12 p.m. Central European Time we're broadcasting a one hour mix of Steely Dan covers and related stuff including you-know what. Check our schedule and adjust it for your time zone:
You've got six chances over three days. It's those shows named Deacon (something.

Deacon Blues by The Woody Herman Band is only available on the CD version of the 1978 release titled Chic, Donald, Walter And Woodrow. More on the album here:
and here:

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