Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven

It looks like that's what the Steely Dan 2011 tour will be called. Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven. And it's just another surprising name for a Steely Dan tour.

It started out plain enough with Steely Dan In Japan in 1994, but since then the names of the tours have been intriguing, elaborate and/or slightly odd. How about the Art Crimes tour of 2000 and Steelyard "Sugartooth" McDan (and the in 2006. Or Think Fast, Steely Dan in 2008 and the 2009 tour, long enough to recieve two names; Rent Party '09 for the US dates and Left Bank Holiday for the European leg.

So far just one date is known; Tanglewood, Lenox, Massachusetts on July 26, with tickets on sale February 6. But it has been suggested the tour will run between July and November. Nothing official yet, though...

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