Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Radio Dupree Top 18 - November 2011

1. Frank Zappa - Elvis Has Just Left The Building
Broadway The Hard Way

2. Steely Dan
- Aja (live)
Cousin Dupree-promo

3. Becker/Fagen
- Caves Of Altamira
Sun Mountain

4. Tony Allen & The Champs
- Nite Owl
This Is How It All Began Vol 2 (various artists)

5. Donald Fagen
- Blue Lou
Trilogy : 10 Extras

6. Dynamo Bliss
- Circadian Rhythm
Circadian Rhythm

7. David Bowie
- The Jean Genie
The Best Of David Bowie 1969-1974

8. Walter Becker
- God's Eye View
Circus Money

9. Steely Dan
- Aja

10. Frank Zappa & The Mothers
- Son Of Orange County
Roxy & Elsewhere

11. Frank Zappa
- Zoot Allures - Zoot Allures
12. Steely Dan - Any World - Katy Lied
13. Steely Dan - I Got The News - Aja
14. Donald Fagen - Countermoon - Kamakiriad
15. Joe Walsh - Over And Over - But Seriously, Folks
16. Marianne Faithfull - She's Got A Problem - A Child's Adventure
17. David Bowie - Survive - BBC Radio Theatre
18. The Who - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Meaty, Beaty, Big And Bouncy
Chart compiled by listeners voting
on the songs they hear on Radio Dupree

Frank Zappa catch the top spot this month. But he also gets a couple more into the chart (10 & 11). Plus the #4 song Nite Owl by Tony Allen from 1955 was a song that Zappa covered.

Our Album of the Month; Steely Dan's Aja did well. I Got The News at 13 and Aja at 9. With another version of the song Aja at number two we think it's the first time the same song has charted the same month with different versions.

Also a tip of the hat to Swedish band Dynamo Bliss at 6 with the long but popular song, and the only woman to chart this month; Marianne Faithful, at 16


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