Thursday, November 24, 2011

Track list for the new Zappa Carnegie Hall album

The content of the new Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention 4 cd set is now known, since G & S Music in the UK announces they have the set available on November 28.

Disc 1 (begins with the Persuasions' show (25 minutes) and then proceeds with the beginning of The Mothers' first show. All music recorded at Carnegie Hall, N.Y.C. October 11, 1971.)
Hello (to FOH)/Ready?!
Call Any Vegetable
Anyway The Wind Blows
Dog Breath

Disc 2
Peaches En Regalia
Tears Began To Fall
Shove It Right In
King Kong (30 minutes!)
200 Motels Finale
Who Are The Brain Police

Disc 3 (Show #2 starts here)
Auspicious Occasion
Divan (19.45 long)
Pound For A Brown
Sleeping In A Jar
Wonderful Wino
Cruising For Burgers

Disc 4
Billy The Mountain - Part 1 (28.33)
Billy The Mountain - The Carnegie Solos (13.31)
Billy The Mountain - Part 2 (5.37)
The $600 Mud Shark Prelude
The Mud Shark Prelude


"On no, not another release by the Vaudeville band" was my first reaction when the news were out earlier this fall. BUT after hearing what the Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison synclavier cd (the most recent FZ release) sounded like, I quickly changed my mind: "Release a Zappa rock album of any sort and I'll buy it right away!"
And I get even more convinced after seeing the track list. This could be a tasty little sucker!
We got two entire shows (although it is said to be in mono) including the complete (?) Divan suite, a super lengthy King Kong, a 13 minutes long solo section in the middle of Billy The Mountain. We also get spiffed up arrangements of two oldies that have not been released until now: Anyway The Wind Blows and Who Are The Brain Police....and the support act show by The Persuasions. Hurray!


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