Thursday, February 23, 2012

Donald Fagen's new album leaked ... NOT!

We don't know if Donald Fagen should feel flattered, but he's considered big enough to generate clicks on links that should be left unclicked.

His fourth solo album has popped up as a leaked album that you can download ... but beware! It's NOT the album, just some files trying to look like songs and then there's the password link you have to click to get access to the actual files.

The non-album is distributed as Donald Fagen 4 2012 - Full Album Download

Of course the password link only leads you to some scam/malware/virus site or such. The password link in our album package has been used time and time again on many alleged leaked albums, films, games ... whatever. It's a common scam.

A quick look at the "tracks" and you get files those date all the way back to 2006:

So. The bottom line is that the new album has NOT leaked and DON'T download anything that is supposed to be a leaked version!

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