Thursday, February 02, 2012

R.I.P. Tony Duran, ex Zappa guitarist

Oh no, not another one! It is sad to write these obituaries and they have been coming too often the last 14 months or so. (Captain Beefheart, Jim "Motorhead" Sherwoood, Johnny Otis, Wild Man Fischer.) This time it is our duty to tell that musician Tony Duran has passed away.

Guitarist Duran was a member of Frank Zappa's band in 1972 and can be heard on albums as The Grand Wazoo, Waka/Jawaka and Apostrophe ('). He was also a member of the band Ruben and the Jets, which adopted the name of the 1968 Zappa album.
The photo on the left is taken from the cover art of their album For Real!, an album that Zappa produced. The gentleman in the lower left corner is actually James "Motorhead" Sherwood who played saxophone and tambourine in Zappa's group The Mothers of Invention in the 60's. Sherwood died on December 25, 2011. His bandmate Tony Duran died on December 19.

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