Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Donald Fagen's new one is titled...


When the title of his fourth solo album was given as Soulful Instinct on Wikipedia's Donald Fagen page, and the page having a link to our June 2010 blog entry about Donald's new album, we added a few sentences and links to our blog post in January 2012 to flesh out the info as much as we could.

What we managed to do was mix things up with a previous name-that-album effort that surfaced months earlier that proved to be a joke from a fan. That page is still available here:
and list the album title as Kwack Zany.

Our apologiges for muddying the waters.

So what we have here are two titles. Kwack Zany as made up by a fan as a joke, and Soulful Instinct that appeared as a Wikipedia change July 5, 2011. It previously said untitled fourth solo album.

The fun thing is that you can check out the history of a page and find out who did the actual change. In this case it comes from a user with the IP Address

As you can see the IP Address has had a short career starting out with acontribution to a page on the comedian George Carlin in November 2010 up until the latest entry in January this year on a page about the TV series The Office.

And where can you find the location of that IP Address? Somewhere within the telecommunication company Verizon's range of IP Addresses as these searches show.

The first one puts it in Ashburn, Virginia:

While a couple of other says Buffalo, New York:

Not surprising as IP Addresses can move around. Geographically and between users.

Can we get someone to go door to door in the above cities and ask who typed in Soulful Instinct on Wikipedia as the title of Donald Fagen's upcoming album?

Can we expect some official confirmation?

Or should we just lean back and enjoy the added mentions the album gets online (583 hits on Google as of now) thanks to it having a title - fake or not?

You can check out's Wikipedia contribution page here and see the quality of his/hers/their changes to the other pages. What do you think?

Most fans who that have spoken up seem to doubt that Soulful Instinct is the genuine title...

And on February 10, 2012 the Wikipedia entry was changed and Soulful Instinct was replaced with a simple TBC (To be confirmed).

After mixing up Kwack Zany and Soulful Instinct we at Radio Dupree are as unsure about what we think about Donald Fagen solo album titles as we are about why Donald would sign the never ending amount of guitars that keep on selling on Ebay and other sites. It is a strange world...


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