Monday, March 05, 2007

Actor sings his way onto Radio Dupree playlist!

Samuel contemplating the Radio Dupree add...

We've all had to face singers who try to be actors and vice versa. Usually with less that satisfying results. And right here we could here list a few of those misfires, but let's move and mention a fresh arrival that pulls it off. His name? Samuel L. Jackson!

A successful actor of more than 90 movies, he plays a blues player named Lazarus in the new movie Black Snake Moan. And learned to play the guitar enough to be on a couple of tracks on the soundtrack.
Radio Dupree just got a promo of one song; Stackolee, albeit in two versions; the clean and the dirty.
We listened to the rough blues guitar and Samuel's talk-song delivery and immediately decided to add it to our playlist. Samuel's blues delivery works. And we're looking forward to hearing the rest of the soundtrack as well as seeing the movie. We've always liked Samuel and his co-star in Black Snake Moan is another of our favourites; Christina Ricci!
Samuel playin' the blues. (That's not Radio Dupree but Christina Ricci clinging to his knee.)

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