Sunday, March 18, 2007

Smooth and snowy Sunday

We've had a nice week with the sun making a real return and the snow melting. I believe spring is just around the corner. However, yesterday we got some cold weather including snow. Not that aggressive type, but more silently, slowly floating towards ground type of snow. And after a Saturday with a few St. Patricks Day's beers, this Sunday better bring nothing but soothing music. So it all added up to this:

Donald Fagen: Snowbound

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Anonymous said...

The video is spectacular, but it doesn't fit the song AT ALL. "Snowbound" is like a beautiful poem about human beings in a sort of apocalypse. It's full of melancholy and irony (just listen to those chords.!). Michel Gondry has turned the whole thing into a grotesque parade of clowns. He has missed a great opportunity. I can't believe that D.Fagen has permitted this..!