Thursday, March 08, 2007

Steely Dan 2007 tour. Right now.

First of all there's the officially announced dates that can be seen over on

The same dates can be seen listed on with two exceptions; the May 24 - Tower Theater - Upper Darby PA is not on Donald's page. Instead it lists

May 5 - Beale Street Fest - Memphis, TN! UPDATE March 8: ...and it's gone. Will it return?

UPDATE March 9: Yes, It will and it did. The May 5 gig in Memphis is now official and posted on both and

That's a date that was on band member Jeff Young's homepage for a day or two together with the unofficial list of European dates.
As far as Europe goes tickets for one show; July 19 - Molde Jazz Festival in Norway, has been on sale since March 5.

Norway earlier this evening...

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