Sunday, May 11, 2008

Neil Young's Blue-ray Archives

What was Neil Young doing at at the JavaOne computer/technology conference in San Francisco last week?
He was there to unveil the latest move foward in his Archives series. And to casual Neil Young fans like ourselves the massive all-inclusive Archives retrospective has been talked about and in the making for at least 20, 25, maybe 30 years.

A couple of CD:s have been released and there's a special Archives section over at
But last weeks PR-thing/announcement that it would all be collected on Blue-ray discs and updated over the Internet gave Archives a larger and perhaps more tangible form.

You can see a video where Neil Young explain why he's doing Archives the way he's doing it and why he's waited until now.

Then there's a text-only interview here.

Right now the plan is for five boxes consisting of ten discs each! The first box will cover the years 1963 - 1972.

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