Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Carolyn Leonhart record

Carolyn Leonhart & Wayne Escoffery's If Dreams Come True was released seven months ago. May 26 is date set for Carolyn's new solo album Chances Are - The Romantic Music Of Robert Allen.

Robert who?

According to Wikipedia:
Robert Allen (February 5, 1927-October 1, 2000) was a pianist and an arranger and writer of music for popular songs. He was an accompanist for Perry Como, Peter Lind Hayes, and Arthur Godfrey. Many of his compositions were collaborations with lyricist Al Stillman.

The album is released by President Records in England. And if you're an subscriber you don't have to wait for May 26; you can download the album right now.

Link to a pressrelease.

1 Chances Are
2 I Don't Regret A Thing
3 Come To Me
4 You Are Never Far Away From Me
5 Everybody Loves A Lover
6 Meantime
7 It's Not For Me To Say
8 Play For Keeps
9 It Could Have Been Worse
10 No Such Luck
11 Teacher, Teacher
12 I'm Loving You A Lot
13 Moments To Remember

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