Thursday, May 15, 2008

Walter Becker's Circus Money: YouTube x 2!

OK. Three weeks ago Scapegrace99 joined the member ranks of the sizeable pile of visual entertainment that is YouTube. A mere five and 14 hours respectively ago he (?) posted two videos of considerable interest to those of us waiting for Circus Money to arrive.

First off the aptly titled Walter Becker Circus Money. 49 seconds with the soundtrack being from one of the songs on the album; Selfish Gene.

And then there's the shorter but perhaps even more intriguing Walter Becker Circus Money Fringehead. 27 seconds to the beat of Door Number Two you'll like and whose hidden meaning(s) can be discussed until June 10 and beyond.

Will there be additional videos for all songs? Can a Twitter account be far behind?

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Gina said...

ha. great stuff this!!!
had it for breakfast :-)