Thursday, May 01, 2008

Steely Dan 2008: Playing in Europe? Not likely...

It's a bit of a pipe dream, but living in Europe we're allowed to nurture it. And after last year's world tour we imagined that just maybe, just maybe, Steely Dan would take the 2008 tour abroad as well.

With the latest update to drummer Keith Carlock's homepage those dreams look set to stay just dreams. Keith will be on tour with his own band Rudder in September and Wayne Krantz in October.
Somehow we find it hard to see Steely Dan touring with a different drummer. And going back on the road in November?

Over on they've gigs listed until August 9, so theoretically they could add a few international dates for the remainder of the month. Hmmm... OK. It's back to dreaming!

But before we go a question:
Carly Simon has just released her first album of new songs in eight years. It's called This Kind Of Love and has a clear Steely Dan connection. What is that connection?
No, it's not drummer Rick Marotta who also played on Gaucho, Aja and The Royal Scam.
The correct answer to the question will be posted here this weekend if we don't get it in the comments to this post!

Ponderlingly yours,


Gina said...

is it because she is friends with Libby Titus?

Gina said...

oh, sorry, skip that. there actually IS something on the record that is really steely dan connected. i'll just wait for the answer then, just plain curious here :-)