Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend music: Do It Again and Rock Band 2

Carsten in Denmark alerted us to this instrumental version of Do It Again by the Phillipe Saisse Trio. When we about eight years ago did a quick scan of Steely Dan songs covered by other artists Do It Again ended up as the most covered.

From the world of new technology:

Walter? Jon? Me?

We held our last joystick back when Amiga 1200 was still new stuff. But all the rest can get a bit of Steely Dan into your gaming in three weeks time. The song Bodhisattva is included in Rock Band 2.
Apparently one new feature is called Battle of the bands. In this article you can get it all explained as well as see a one minute clip of the writer attempt at hitting all the right notes in the Bodhisattva solo:

We're almost tempted to pick up that joystick again. A lot seem to have happened since the mid-90's... ;)

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