Saturday, January 17, 2009

Department of silliness: Human mirror

Nothing to do with music this one, just one of those things that hopefully will put a smile on your face.
So here's what you do if you have some spare time and feel like spreading a little jollity: Get 15 pairs of twins, get on a train, bus or whatever and film other peoples reactions to "the human mirror".


angel said...

Very cool!

But then again, I am a broadcaster. :-)

Neb & Siggy said...


These improv guys and gals have done some pretty funny and inspired things. There are a number of videos over on Vimeo.

It may be silly, but when I see things like this my belief in the human race in strenghtened.

Gina said...

hi, yes, they have done a lot of FUN projects... is the one where people stand frozen on train stations and airports also one of their ideas? that one was sooo very good!

the kind of folly and creativity we need. thanks for finding it :-)