Friday, January 02, 2009

Steely Dan sounds in Scotland!

Here's a chance to hear the music of Steely Dan played by a jazz orchestra in Scotland this year:

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra will play the music of Steely Dan May 29 at the Perth Festival of the Arts. Just like they did in Glasgow last summer.

They will use the big band arrangements by Fred Sturm originally done for the Hessischer Rundfunk Big Band in Frankfurt, Germany and recorded on the CD Do It Again – hr Big Band Plays Three Decades Of Steely Dan in 2003.
A great album well worth tracking down.

Hear excerpts from the record on Fred's homepage. Just click the Featured works link.

This might be just the excuse we need to go visit Scotland this year! And if we don't make it we hope that some Steely Dan fan eventually will help us out with a review in the comments section. :)

P.S. Gina over at Mizar6 interviewed Fred Sturm a couple of years ago. Read it here.
(Wonder what Donald & Walter thought of the hr Big Band CDs that Carolyn Leonhart brought them?)

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Gina said...

hi Radio Duprees!
first, a happy new year, i sent emails but they bounced.
and cool news about the scottish rendition, i was thinking about the Fred Sturm arrangements the other day, mainly because Carsten from Denmark had sent me a disc of the Danish big band with Vince Mendoza, that got me all in big band music again...

Fred Sturm had emailed and thanked me after the interview, because he received an email from Donald Fagen who expressed his respect and gratitude for the work FS had put in to arrange the music.

I also found the other elderly arrangements of Woody Herman and well, if one can down in music, it's in that blog :-)

off to check out the Scotsmen now