Saturday, January 24, 2009

The latest from Madleine, Walter & Larry

Madeleine Peyroux new single is online for listening over at Rounder Records site.

Here's the link to You Can't Do Me written by Walter Becker and Larry Klein and on her forthcoming album Bare Bones. You can also try the player a bit futher down this post!

Here's what Rounder has to say:

On “You Can’t Do Me,” the salty single from her new album Bare Bones written with Steely Dan’s Walter Becker and producer Larry Klein, Madeleine Peyroux declares that “you can’t do me, like you did before.” Anchored by jumping piano and a backbeat that inspires motion, she explains what will happen:

“You know I get so blue and I go Down like a deep sea diver, out like a Coltrane tenor-man, Lost like a Chinese war baby - gone, gone, gone! Blewed like a Mississippi sharecropper, screwed like a high-school cheerleader, Tattooed like a popeyed sailorman - gone, gone, gone!”

With Bare Bones, out March 10 on Rounder Records, Peyroux dives into songwriting with the same emotion she has given others’ songs in the past. She had a hand in writing all 11 tracks on the album, creating a deeply personal piece of work that gives listeners a window into her fascinating life story -- moving from the US to Paris with her mother as a child, dropping out of high school to busk on the streets, and rising up to critical acclaim and commercial success.
More on Bare Bones here.

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