Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend music: Mommy's on the piano!

Ever dreamt that you'd get a hit record to the top of the charts ... and your mum is in your band playing the piano?
Well, this happened back in 1972. Not to you but to Rob Woodward who togethet with Nigel Fletcher and Stephen Johnson and Rob's mother Hilda under the band name Lieutenant Pigeon had a hit with the catchy little thing called Mouldy Old Dough.

Watch out for Hilda on the piano!

And to prove that Radio Dupree keeps up with the times - sort of - we have to include an artist that's tipped for the top (as they used to say). It may not sound 2009, more 1950's. But what do we care? It's a catchy 2 minutes and 35 seconds from somewhere in rockabilly-land with the well-named Imelda May and Johnny Got A Boom Boom.

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