Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ABBA vs. Swedish "pirates"

Since we live in Sweden we thought we had to find a way to get around to mentioning the current trial taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. It's the record and movie insustry against the world's largest bittorrent site; The Pirate Bay. These days based outside Sweden The Pirate Bay was once started by Swedes and another successful export from Sweden is ABBA, the pop group of the 70's that keep on selling thanks to Mamma Mia! the musical/movie and other projects.

So when former ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus yesterday chimed in on the practise of file sharing on the internet we had our blog post. While we pondered if we should translate his text to English and publish it here The Register did a nice article on the whole thing. Read it here.

If you'd like to read Björn's text in Swedish go here. You could use Google translate to read it in another language.

And if you wonder what this Pirate Bay trial is all about Torrentfreak post daily updates here.

UPDATE February 20: They've added an English translation of Björn Ilvaeus' text that can be read here.

The world is changing. Adapt or die
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