Monday, February 09, 2009

Steely Dan 2009 tour? Part 2

We wrote about it in January; the signs that Steely Dan might be considering touring again in 2009, perhaps taking the show on the road to Europe once again.

Nothing is official but we can't help but to keep connecting the dots.

Yesterday kdc wrote a comment to our January 14 post:
Well, the Umbria Jazz website did publicise Steely Dan in Perugia for July 2009... but I've just checked again and they have been removed! What does that say?
We went to and all we could see were Burt Bacharach, Paolo Conte, James Taylor and Simply Red. No sign of Steely Dan.

umbriajazz.comBut we did find a discussion forum where the Umbria Jazz festival and James Taylor is discussed. They also have a link to a press release about the just finished Umbria Jazz Winter festival. Using our non-existant Italian we can still deduct from the final paragraph of the press release that at least Umbria Jazz and Steely Dan must have been in discussions:

Steely Dan coming to Umbria Jazz 2009?Translated it roughly says: See you in Perugia for Umbria Jazz 09 July 10 - 19. Some of the artists featured are Burt Bacharach, Steely Dan, James Taylor, Paolo Conte, Simply Red.

The plot thickens...

P.S. Thanks to kdc for the original info!


aldo said...

Now they're mentioned again!!!
So, hope to see everybody in lovely Perugia next July (day not fixed yet)
Aldo (Rome)

Neb & Siggy said...

Great! Let's hope we get an official press release from the band next month. If Steely Dan will play Italy this summer we'll do our bets to be there! See you in July :)