Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pop shock: Tom Jones natural hair colour official!

Tom Jones times twoTom Jones a few decades apart. Same hair colur though.

He's been around since the 60's, and so has his hair colour. Tom Jones hit he big time with It's Not Unusual in 1965 and a string of hits followed.

Always the hunk wooing the women with ample displays of chest hair and getting those knickers thrown on stage in return, Tom has managed to stick around selling out shows and having the occasional successful record into the 21 Century.

By the looks of it the 68 year old singer has decided that his natural hair colour is good enough these days and paraded a grey-haired look at an awards show in Poland. Click here for the pictorial evidence!

OK. So what's this? The Radio Dupree blog going celebrity gossip? No, don't worry. It's just that it's nice to see an artist that has realised that maybe it's not the looks that has kept him around, and that looking your age may be a good thing.

And whatever you think of the music he makes you have to agree that Tom Jones has a great voice. And here's the proof:

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Anonymous said...

A man in the making! I thought Elvis was good, but this man is incredible. I've been a fan of Mr. Jones since being born. I'm 43 and still look up to this man as a real artist in the making.