Friday, April 03, 2009

Album of the Month: The Who - Live At Leeds

Each and every month we focus on an album by naming it Album of the Month and playing all the tracks on Radio Dupree.
And April 2009 is The Who-month with the classic Live At Leeds playing.

When Live At Leeds was released in 1970 The Who had already been around for six years. The band had returned from a world tour with hours of live recordings. The plan was to make a live album, but nothing became of the tapes. Instead they opted to arrange and record two extra shows and record those as basis for the live album.

One date was in Leeds, one in Hull. And it was the Leeds recording that eventually was released as Live At Leeds and has become a live classic and a must-hear album for all rock fans.

The record was released in May 1970 and a hit with both critics and fans.

The original vinyl album had six tracks. The 1995 CD version had 14 tracks. Some of the vinyl version songs were expanded thanks to the return of band banter and other stuff that was edited out for the vinyl release.

In 2001 Live At Leeds was transformed into a 2 CD package with all the 33 songs recorded during the Leeds concert. And it's that version that's our Album of the Month this month.

Wikipedia's entry on Live At Leeds.

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