Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ike & Tina Turner's I Idolize You in a few incarnations found on YouTube:

Soulful and sultry from Lizz Wright -

Ike & Tina -

The Charmaines -

The Fabulous Wailers from 1962. Apparently the vocalist; "Little Gail Harris", was just 15 at the time of the recording! -

And of course all this to be able to mention the version by Donald Fagen/Steely Dan doing the rounds on this here web right now. A live recording from a soundcheck or the like that according to a calculated guess from fans might be from around 2006.
Sounding great with a fine groove. Made our week last week. And this one. And probably next one as well.

Sorry we can't give you an exakt link; we'd rather stay on D&W:s good side. But there are things called search engines that do an acceptable job of what we won't. ;)

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