Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Steely Dan on Guitar Hero World Tour

OK. So here's a confession from a guy old enough to be young when Aja was released:

The first encounter I had with Guitar Hero World Tour was this past week. The eldest son of my sister let me try out Do It Again slumped in the sofa and finally managing an unimpressive 31 (or was it 32?) percent on the song. You have to hit the right notes and I was strumming along improving ever so slightly.(*)

I might be persuaded to buy my own game as Activision now has released a new bunch of songs for Guitar Hero World Tour, including three Steely Dan ditties. Let me quote the press release:
Returning to Guitar Hero World Tour on April 16th is the popular rock band from the 70's, Steely Dan. This time around, the band will contribute one single each from three of their albums - "Black Friday" from Katy Lied, "Kid Charlemagne" from The Royal Scam and "Bodhisattva" from Countdown to Ecstasy.
Yes, there are more than one upcoming evening spent at home trying to master these songs in gradually more difficult settings. Let us end this post with a short clip of a gang doing its best Do It Again:

(*) I did twice as good on Foghat's Free Ride on the easiest seting...

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