Saturday, April 25, 2009

Steely Dan live 2009: Pack your bags...

Time to plan that summer of Steely Dan ... with the additional news that, and we quote the official Steely Dan newsletter (get your subscription here):
Breaking news! Steely Dan's Rent Party '09 Tour
will include multi-night stands
of special setlist shows
in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

All evenings of these special engagements
will offer one of the following programs:

Setlist is one of three classic Steely Dan albums
in its entirety -- plus selected additional favorites

Setlist is determined by the internet votes
of ticket-holders for that show

Of course, before you buy a ticket, you'll know which
of the setlists above will be played on that night.

Dates for these special engagements
-- and more details about everything --
will be coming soon.

Also watch for news about promotions, packages,
and other sundry goodies
So this is the new live experience as records are a thing of the past? Will the crotchety part of the Steely Dan public be satisfied to know the set list in advance - "Hey, we know what we like, but we'd rather know it in advance" - or will anything not assembling Dr. Wu be considered a betrayal?

Only time will tell... Suffice to say that we likely won't have the pleasure of enjoying an evening of Everything Must Go from side one, track one to side two, last track.
This will mean Aja (surely), Royal Scam (possibly) and You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It (not bloody likely) in toto, with a future live album/DVD/3D movie/whatever lined up. At least that's the way we'd do it if we were in charge.


As a consequence of this we'll have to re-route our Europe-only trek to a Europe and USA travel.

It's all good...

Don, Walter et consortes: Please consider a limited list of songs to vote on. If not you might end up having to play With A Gun, Bad Sneakers, Hat Too Flat or Caves Of Altamira. "One Of These Nights" ;)

Could we get an early vote in for a cover of the 1974 "classic" Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede?


Robert said...

Greeting, when I saw that Steely Dan was going to play Atlanta GA on a Saturday Night I was thrilled. However, when I saw the lowest pricing for Tickets at 74.00 dollars a pop plus 18.00 parking I was flabbergasted. There is no way I am paying this much to see the band. I would be worth it just to set up lawn chairs in the back of my F150 and park as close to venue as possible.

Neb & Siggy said...

"it's cheap but it's not free"


No, it might not apply here. Or maybe it does. Looks like the touring scene is more and more geared towards the monetary endowed fan. No surprise as the record side of the music business is in flux at the moment.

It will be interesting to see how long the upmarket acts "of the early resigned" (?) will be able to charge major dollars/euros/whatever and sell packages including soundcheck opportunities and lunch + hotel.

Even for the middle aged there is a line where you say "hey, they might be good but I'd rather spend my money on (insert whatever here)"

/The Duprees