Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary Circus Money!

Walter Becker's solo album Circus Money is one year old today.
If you haven't heard it already you can listen to some short clips of all songs on this page.

In a buying mood? Not a CD kind of person? On this page you can buy a digitally adept mp3 version as well as that superior lossless FLAC version. That's what we shopped a few minutes after midnight one year ago.

Congratulations to Walter et consortes on a fine album! And please; keep 'em coming!

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And - totally unrelated - here's our silliest spam of the day just as it arrived in the mailbox:
Hi,Good Day!!!

wednesday 10 juni 2009 08.46

Hello Dear Good Day!!!,
How are you today, i hope all is well with you. My name is Miss Gift I want to have a good relationship and share things in common with you. i will like to tell you more about me and send some of my pictures to you, As soon as you reply my letter to my private email.( Hoping to have a good relationship with you. yours lovely Friend,Miss Gift
Hey Walter & Donald. There's a lyric and a melody in there somewhere...

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