Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Success for Zappa Plays Zappa

Many fans have been a little doubtful over what to expect of the recent Zappa Plays Zappa band, since there are no members from Frank's band around anymore. (Lead vocalist Ray White left recently just prior to the tour.)
But no one attending the Stockholm concert on June 8 could have left with disappointment. Dweezil and the band played a hard rocking show and the audience responded with standing ovations.
They opened with a blasting Apostrophe ('), which sounded close to the album version.
Montana and Zomby Woof followed.
They played for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Most of the material was taken from the mid 70's albums that Dweezil seems to prefer. Very rocky. Lots of guitar.
The show ended with a rather bizarre experiment: Dweezil asked the audience to sing Bobby Brown along the band's accompaniment. It felt a little weird to hear 1600 persons singing about "golden showers" like it was a big family gathering or an evening of Swedish "allsång".
A longer, more detalied review of the show will follow soon. Meanwhile, here is the song list:
1. Apostrophe (')
2. Montana
3. Zomby Woof
4. Village Of The Sun
5. Echidna's Arf
6. Don't You ever Wash That Thing?
7. Cosmik Debris
8. The Black Page drum solo
9. Black Page #2
10. Bamboozled By Love
11. King Kong
12. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
13. Outside Now
14. The Purple Lagoon
15. More Trouble Every Day/A Token Of My Extreme outro

16. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
17. Peaches En Regalia
18. Willie The Pimp
19. Bobby Brown


PS. Forgot to include Inca Roads. It was played somewhere in the first half of the set.

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