Saturday, June 06, 2009

Steely Dan live 2009: Four more for New York!

In what might be a salute to the National Day of Sweden as well as the 65 years since D-Day and the 150 year anniversary of Oscar and Constance Wilde's marriage, a brand new issue of the Steely Dan Newsletter appeared this Saturday.

News item number 1:
Four more New York dates added, making the total numer of shows in that city eight this tour. These are the four new one:

Aug 03 - New York - Beacon Theatre / Internet Request Aja (Plus)
Aug 04 - New York - Beacon Theatre / Internet Request
Aug 10 - New York - Beacon Theatre / Aja (Plus) The Royal Scam (Plus)
Aug 11 - New York - Beacon Theatre / Internet Request

UPDATE a few hours later: Looks like the newsletter and the homepage ( differs on the August 3 & 4 shows. We're going with the homepage having the correct info and have adjusted the info above accordingly.
And while we're at it: Our phrase below; "opening acts", actually says "special guests" in the newsletter. And while they most likey are opening acts they could very well be artists joining the band for a song or three, so...

Sorry for any inconvenience this may or may not have caused you. If you're at the Padova or Perugia shows we'll buy you a beer or any beverage of your liking to - in some small way - make up for this fumble. ;)

News item number 2:
A tip to keep an eye open for announcements of opening acts. Make that "special guests".

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Two useful links: - The only place for confirmed dates. - The fan page for breaking news, views and the occasional rumour.

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