Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twitter + Steely Dan 2009 setlists = true!

Yes. The need to get those setlists as they unfold can this tour be satisfied thanks to the work of Jim Hoops McKay and firends over on

As this is published the first show of the tour is just about to start. Get on over to and catch what songs are being played as they're being played. Chat with other fans and have fun!


Here are the songs played on the first night (Performing Arts Centre, Durham, NC):

The Sam Yahel Trio was the opening act.

* Reelin' In The Years (funky/Jazzy version)
* Time Out of Mind
* Godwhacker
* Bad Sneakers
* Black Friday
* Aja
* My Rival
* Hey 19
* Parkers Band
* Babylon Sisters
* Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More (Walter on vocals)
* Here at The Western World
* Home At Last
* Band intros by Walter while the choir sings The Supremes' Love Is Like An Itchin' In My Heart
* Peg
* Josie
* Kid Charlemagne


* Black Cow
* My Old School

A few nice surprises for the real fans without forgetting the "hits" for the casual listener.

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