Monday, March 01, 2010

10 years ago: Steely Dan's Two Against Nature

February 29, 2000: The album fans of Steely Dan had been waiting for for quite some time. Not the 20 years since the last studio album (Gaucho) from the group, but a couple of years as the rumours of a new one started and grew. The updates on and disussions on and Under the banyan trees.

I still remember getting my copy and rushing home to play it. Put on my headphones, leaned back in my sofa and while the sun shone through the windows the very first seconds of the first track on the CD (Gaslighting Abbie) played.

Euphoria. It was just like Steely Dan picked up where the final track from Gaucho ended.
Listened from start to finish. Then put it on repeat.
Was alone in the house but wished I had someone to share the excitement with.

2010 and the album's still wonderful to listen to. Learn more from the source. And watch a couple of videos:

And what's happened since Two Against Nature? Tours and the following albums:

2003: Everything Must Go

2006: Morph The Cat (Donald Fagen solo)

2008: Circus Money (Walter Becker solo)

2010: Donald Fagen recording a new solo album

New Steely Dan record? Eventually...

P.S. The Spotify link to the album for all you online what's a CD ?-listeners.

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