Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steely Dan: Perfection In Performance

Steely Dan: Perfection In Performance DVD coverThe headline is also the title of a new DVD of European origin that's slithered its way from bootleg status to sold-as-official in stores and online shops.

It is the August 12, 2006 show from Charlotte, North Carolina and the somewhat lengthily named Steelyard "Sugartooth" McDan (and the Fab-Originees.com) tour they did with Michael McDonald.

Here are the tracks, just in case the DVD pops up under some other name (which it probably will):

01 Intro (Turtle Talk)
02 Bodhisattva
03 Time out of Mind
04 Aja
05 I Got the News
06 Hey 19
07 Josie
08 Green Earrings
09 Deacon Blues
10 Black Friday
11 Dirty Work
12 Band Intros/Show Biz Kids
13 Do It Again
14 Peg
15 Don't Take Me Alive
16 Kid Charlemagne
17 FM
18 My Old School

If you are a hardcore Steely Dan fan you probably already downloaded this in one form or another as it has been around since late 2006. And our guess is that you are more than happy with the content.
But if you're a casual fan you might be disappointed as this is no professional or official release. Strictly bootleg stuff whatever side of the increasingly blurry and ignored line between legal/illegal you drop this.

Related and of interest: Our post on the renamed (Steely Dan In Concert) and legally dubious re-release of the official Two Against Nature - Steely Dan's Plush TV Jazz Party In Sensous Surround Sound DVD from 2000.

And for those curious about the 2006 show. There's an easier way than to order the DVD. Just skip on over to YouTube. It's all there.

(Once again thanks to Carsten!)

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