Saturday, March 06, 2010

A couple of Steely Dan questions...

Cousin Dupree promo CD cover* With just one guest appearance left on the Levon Helm Midnight Ramble tour (March 12 at The Wellmont in New Jersey) can we expect Donald Fagen to disappear from sight to get that solo album on the way that he's said he'll record this spring?

* Has Walter Becker made a full recovery from that birthday party?

Let us hasten to add that we don't know anyhthing about that party or if there even was one. We just expect him to have celebrated his life in a way we would have celebrated. And those extra pieces of cake can really sink a grown man.

* Can we expect a Steely Dan 2010 tour to be announced during March with the exact dates trickling out over the following weeks and months?

A quick look back gives us the following dates for official news about a new tour as
March 4 (2009), March 5 (2008) and January 25 (spring dates 2007). So ...

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