Sunday, March 28, 2010 Lexi Says updated!

New Lexi Says post.It has been static since September of 2008, but as of March 25 Lexi Says has a brand new entry.
It's all about a photo submitted by a Danish fan named Jakob.
We could tell you more but why not click this link and read the entry in question.
That's the second update this week over at Can a new issue of the newsletter be that far off?

Update March 30, 2010:
Got an email from our SD-fan & friend Carsten who reminded of us where we had seen that Donald look-a-like bust before. It was back in 2007 on Mizar5 (these days transformed into Mizar6).
Can't find the original post there, but the Jakob mentioned on is Jakob Olsen, who also posted the same entry on his blog on April 1, 2007. And here it is!

: : : : :

As far as a Steely Dan tour this summer goes it looks like it won't happen.
We've done our math and the first dates have previous years always been announced by early March.
Also, the Steely Dan-fan publication to keep an eye on; The Dandom Digest, quoted "non-Official Steely Dan sources" saying that the band won't tour.

But what will happen this autumn? Or winter? Tour? Or maybe something else?
A tour is not the only option, you know, although Donald and Walter both said on more than one occasion that they're really enjoying playing live, think the band is the best incarnation of Steely Dan ever, and that it makes more money than recording.

The fans would love a new Steely Dan album. Since the last one; 2003's Everything Must Go, there's been one solo record each from Donald and Walter and Donald himself said he'll record a new album this spring. Will that eventually get work on the next Steely Dan album rolling?

Whatever next we're sure that there's more to come. Or as we might have said to Donald's ancestor in ancient Rome (please see Lexi Says):

Adhuc tua messis in herba est!


Mizar6 said...

yes, Jakob mailed me back then and due to my server problems and posts being somewhere backstage but without me having a clue how to bring them back again (grin) it's all, i dunno, invisible.

but i am back on track, kind of.
so i might find out where it all is and put it back online again...toodles!

Mizar6 said...

hey guys, found it in the wayward machine:

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Thanks for the link!