Monday, March 29, 2010

Di Leva sings Bowie and Yes on new album

Di Leva in his glam/space kaftanSwedish spectacular space pop artist Tomas Di Leva's new cd features cover versions of some his personal favourite songs, David Bowie's Let's Dance and Owner Of A Lonely Heart by Yes being two of them.

On his blog Di Leva explains that "David Bowie's song Let's Dance is one of the most influential songs of the eighties. It was also one of the biggest challenges to take this wonderful great evergreen into a completely new setting. We wanted to bring it into a futuristic sci-fi techno landscape. Really stripping it from its past, but still keeping its original soul and spirit."

Release date for the new cd Lovestar is March 31 (Universal). Other songs on the cd are Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins) and Miracle Of Love (Eurythmics).

Wikipedia entry on Di Leva

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